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Strong Foundations


Humble Beginnings

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Stepping Into Clients' Shoes

The better we can put ourselves into the shoes of our clients, the better we can represent them!

Relationships In Law

When it comes to representing a client, a lawyer can’t control the past. History is history.


What a lawyer can control is the manner in which he or she presents history in the best possible light to protect his or her most valuable asset.

Relationships In Law

Keeping our clients informed is actually something that happens naturally with us.


It’s all about the client at our firm.

In fact, and it’s unfortunate, a very common complaint about other law firms we get with new clients is that their old attorney did not keep them updated.

Relationships In Law

It is very important to us to make our clients feel as comfortable as possible.

Being billed by the hour can make many people uncomfortable, so we decided to do something about it.

Demystifying Lawyer Fees,
Part 1:
The Cost Conundrum


Demystifying Lawyer Fees,
Part 2:
The Corporate Assignment Form

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